Best Eggs in the Mohawk Valley

Feb 2, 2017

The focus here at WintersGrass Farm is to produce the best 100% Grassfed Raw Milk and Beef that we possible can and I believe we are well on our way to accomplishing that. However, many of you have been asking for some other products and the one that stands out right now is eggs.

So I'm thrilled to say we have started to work with David and Fannie King of Hilltop Organics Farm over in Fort Plain. David and Fannie are Amish farmers who currently produce 100% grassfed milk for Maple Hill Creamery on their beautiful well kept farm on the edge of the Mohawk Valley. David approached me last year about selling eggs for them as he is looking to add another enterprise to keep his young boys busy. It seemed like a great idea so we are going with it.

The chickens are fed NON-gmo grain and will be following the dairy herd around the pasture in a custom eggmobile, similar to the Joel Salatin method. We've been selling eggs to a few customers and so far the response has been that they are better then anything else out there. David was just recently able to increase the egg layer flock so we now have enough eggs to offer to everyone right out of our milk fridge here on the farm.

I will be taking some pictures later this spring and posting them on the website to share how the chickens are raised. In the meantime, come on out to the farm this Saturday and get the best eggs in the Mohawk Valley and some 100% grassfed raw milk. I will have extra milk bottled up for anyone who wants to stop by! I'll see you at the farm!

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