Finishing up the year

Nov 24 2016


The end of the years is almost here and is nice to be able to slow down a little. We had our last pickup day for bulk beef this past week so things here at the farm are back to a steady slow pace. Chores consist of feeding the pigs, milking 5 cows, and bottling up milk for each days milk members and customers. We are now feeding hay which goes quicker then moving cows on pasture each day.

The slower pace gives us a chance to relax, ponder the prevoius year, and prepare and plan for the next season. We have made so much progress here on the farm and I am really excited about what we will be doing next year. I'll have more to share after the new year but one of our big goals is to focus on setting up a farm store with regular hours and maybe having it open for selfserve all the time. Regardless, it's looking like we will have many more products available this coming season. But like I said, more to come later.

We currently have 5 cows milking , Amber, Marble, Coffee, Nightime, and Cotton. The girls are really putting out the milk right now and production is the highest it's been since we started at 16 gallons of milk per day. Milk is available any day of the week so if you like to give it a try then let me know you are coming and I'll have some bottled up for you! We look forward to seeing you here at the farm!

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