Raw Milk Guarantee

Feb 4, 2017

Producing raw milk for customers is a lot of work. It's much harder than just milking the cow, chilling it down in the bulk tank and shipping it away on a truck. Good customers want to know where their raw milk comes from, how the cows are raised, what they are fed and such. If the milk tastes like cow, or sours too quickly, or a dozen other things, then the customers aren't going to like it. The industry is able to remove all these variables by pasteurizing and homogenizing the milk. If the farmer messes up now and then it doesn't get noticed because of this.

With raw milk, if the farmer isn't doing his job right, it can be noticeable in the taste and quality of the milk. We had a few quirks to work through when we first started producing raw milk last winter. Mainly, protein residue was building up on the milk equipment. The only sign of this was the stainless steel looking dull even though it was perfectly clean. But because of this the milk would sour sooner than it should. All it took to fix was switching detergents. With the new detergent, the milk equipment would look nice and shiny after every washing.

Our goal is to produce delicious, nutritious, and clean raw milk from 100% grassfed cows and we've been doing that for close to a year now. That being said we guarantee our milk. If for whatever reason you don't like the taste, flavor or anything about it we will refund your money. We have many happy customers and have had a number of them tell us how surprised they are at how good the milk tastes.

Below is a video by Charlotte Smith on what causes the different off flavors in milk. If you are a raw milk fan you should find it interesting. Please let us know what you think and what your experiences have been in the comments!

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