What we are about

May 24 2016


Welcome to WintersGrass Farm! It’s been a busy summer and this is really the first moment I’ve had to   get the Farm blog started. Going forward the plan is to blog at least a couple times a month if not weekly. I’m really excited about what we got started here and once I start sharing what we are doing, you will be to!

What is WintersGrass Farm about?

We are about producing sweet and creamy milk on just grass. That means you don’t have to worry about GMO’s, antibiotics, or who know’s what else being in your food! Just grass and sunshine!

The same with our beef. No grain, just grass! I’m sure by now many of you already know the benefits of 100% grassfed beef. If not, don’t worry, we’ll be covering that in another post. But we are also working hard to produce really tender and tasty beef. And we are getting good at it!

So why 100% Grassfed? One, it allows us to produce food full of nutrition just like your grandparents used to grow. We really aren’t doing anything new here, rather just doing what our ancestors did.

Two,  it allows us to farm safely without poisoning our neighbors water supplies, or killing off the bees,  or eroding the topsoil off the land. No, we are building soil, cleaning up our water sources, and providing diverse ecosystems that allow wildlife, bees included, to thrive! Already we have converted almost 50 acres of land that was being tilled, sprayed, and poisoned back into grassland. It is our goal to convert even more conventional farm land back into grasslands as time goes on.

So we hope you will follow us on our journey to produce the best milk and beef out there while making our land and community a better place to live in! If you’re looking for a source of 100% grassfed beef or milk then give us a call.

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