Winter Hardy

Feb 13, 2017

There are two kinds of northerners. Those that can't wait to move to warmer climates, away from the months of snowy days, the subzero temperatures, and the often snowy, cloudy days. Then there are those that not only deal with the winters, but embrace and love them. The crisp clean air, crunchy snow when temps drop well into the single digits, the sunny and cold midwinter days. Knowing that no matter how cold it gets, he is tougher then the cold.

I am one of the latter persons. But one of my favorite things about winter is that spring is so much more beautiful and appreciated after months of cold. I was up very early last Saturday morning and the first thing I noticed when I walked outside was that the smell of spring was in the air. There is no mistaking it and It is one of the most refreshing, welcoming, and energizing times of the year. For what ever reason it has come early this year. The whole week is looking like it will be in the 50s even 60s. It is certainly unseasonably warm for this time of year as it feels more like March now but I aim to make the most of it and enjoy it.

The cows are loving it and I've noticed that as it gets warmer they eat less hay and the milk production goes up. As the snow is quickly melting away the cows wander around looking for bits of grass left over from last season. I'm sure we are still a couple months away from grazing pasture but with this nice weather I think we'll get a head start on fence repairs and fencing in some older pastures that I wasn't able to get to last year.

On another note, I will be taking orders for our Grassfed Beef in the next couple weeks so expect an e-mail soon. Enjoy this amazing spring weather and make sure you get out to see us here at the farm this afternoon from 1- 4:00. We have raw milk, non-gmo eggs and some ground beef. We'll see you at the farm!

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