Meet our Butcher

red barn meats inc 

Our primary goal is to produce flavorful quality products that you can enjoy and nourish your family with. The final step of processing and packaging is nearly as critical as how we raise the animals on the farm.  It is what turns our products into convenient and delicious portions for our customers. Finding a skilled and trustworthy butcher is not always an easy task. But thankfully we have Jordan Brandt, the owner and founder of Red Barn Meats up in Crogan, NY.

Jordan Brandt does all of our processing, both the custom processing for our bulk beef and pork orders, as well as all of our USDA processing for the beef and pork cuts that we sell here at the farm store. All meats, both USDA and custom processed are vacuum packed and sealed in order to ensure that the products you buy will last up to a year in your freezer quite easily.

Red Barn Meats Inc.
9095 Briot Road
Croghan NY 13327