Half Pig - Deposit

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Taking Pre orders for our June 2024 batch of pigs! 

Price for a half pig is $5.50lb hanging weight including the $200 deposit up front.

Price for a whole pig is $5.25lb hanging weight including the $400 deposit up front.

To order a whole pig simply order 2 halves. A whole pig is twice the weight of a half pig. 


Half Pig, 100 to 130lbs. (hanging weight)

What you can expect to get (approximately) from a 112pound hanging half pig (before it has been cut up)?

Pork Chops: 13 lbs - bone in pork chops
Roasts and hams: 35lbs - Such as Picnic, Shoulder, loin, and Hams (Cured or fresh or ground into sausage)
Sausage: 10-25lbs opitons are Ground Pork, Breakfast, Sweet and Hot Italian, cajun. Small links, large links, patties, bulk,
Other: 5 lbs - Ribs
Bacon - 10-12lbs
Fat: 10-15 lbs of fat - For making lard
Prices based on hanging weight and include cut, vacuum sealed packaging, and freezing. Take home weights are 25-30% less due to trimming and boning.

Requires 2 cubic feet of freezer space.

Custom cutting is available for half and whole pigs. Jordan will talk you through your options before the pig goes to the butcher.